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A collection of 9,999 unique all-electric private jet NFTs

Minting December 25th, 2022

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About Metajetz

We have all seen the pictures and videos of celebrities, politicians, and moguls flying in their private jets. Some people have big dreams and want to work so hard that they don't have to fly commercial. Some people want to fly in style and luxury in their own private jet. While this may be a lofty goal for most, with our collection, we aim to offer 9,9999 unique private jet NFTs for whoever wants to fly in style in the metaverse.

With this project we aim to bring awarness to negative affects on climate change the airline industry has. All of our private jet NFT's are 100% electric, because of the less harmful effects compared to gas engines. More sustainable jetting is the future of aviation, and you can get on board by making some noise as a holder of you very own jet. We also want provide the best community and benefits to our holders, as well as fostering a collaborative and enjoyable place for everyone to communicate.


Each of our four drops is going to have a different package to upgrade your travel experience. For specific details check out our whitelist and discord. The perks range from access to airport lounges, luxury airbnb’s and private vacation stays, private island getaways and private jet trips, all the way to discounts on private jet chartering, hotels, and restaurants.

The most exciting aspect of MetaJetz is going to be our Web3 metaverse integration. Since our MetaJetz are all-electric 3D private jetz, you will be able to use your jet in the metaverse. Think of it like the Tesla of metaverse transportation. The possibilities are endless! You can fly you jet around, or rent it out for passive income.

Roadmap 2022-2023+

May 2022
Community Building & Design

We welcome all to the MetaJetz community! We want to grow our members who are genuinely excited about this journey and believe in the project.

Aug 2022
Generate Noise

Increase members in discord, and followers on social media. Host community give aways and contests. Build partnerships for the project & get community hyped!

Fall 2022
Previews & Presale list

As we conitnue building out the artwork with our partners we will give sneak peaks. White list will start to be formed. We will working on providing the best experience to get the biggest community we can. This includes multiple wallet minting, and credit card integration.

End Dec
Stage 1 Drop Mint

4,000 of the Sparrow 977
Whitelist: 500 for 0.035 ETH each, Public Sale: 3500 for 0.07 ETH each.

End Jan
Stage 2 Drop Mint

3,400 of the Seahawk 677
Whitelist: 500 for 0.07 ETH each, Public Sale: 2900 for 0.14 ETH each.

End Feb
Stage 3 Drop Mint

2,500 of the Speed Demon 477
Whitelist: 500 for 0.1 ETH each, Public Sale: 2000 for 0.2 ETH each.

End Mar
Stage 4 Drop Mint

99 of the Bold Mamba 177.
Whitelist: 19 for 1 ETH each, Public Sale: 80 for 2 ETH each.
This plane will be the very best. Holders of other drops will be given priority, so stay tuned!

Now 2022+
Future Planning

This isn't a one time drop of NFT's. We want to continue building the community over time. Your input is valued! Any ideas you have to make MetaJetz the best project and community around are welcomed with open arms. We will begin getting perks for holder lined up to help you get the utility promised out of the jetz.

Meet the Team

Kearvyn Arne

CEO & Certified BlockChain Specialist

Christian Perez

NFT & Crypto Specialist
MIT Grad

Jack Dulsky

Full Stack Developer
MIT Grad

Aakriti Raj

Business & Marketing


Business & Marketing


Business & Marketing

External Links

White Paper


In an alternate universe where all creatures are aware of each other and live connected lives, we as human beings may not be seen as the prime species. Hypothetically, there would be no primal species because we are all living connected lives where we all play important roles. Alright let’s cut the bullshit, no alternate realities or universes. This project is the most realistic way an NFT can be connected to the real world with actual benefits. Luxury transportation is a dream to many and the founders of this project have spent the past seven months working tirelessly to utilize the NFT marketplace and make this all possible.

The MetaJetz project was founded by a group of creators that are driven to give people all over the world the opportunity to possess an NFT that is the key to a new reality for a regular person. This project aims to cater to the curious minds eager to be a part of the new and fast rising digital age known as the metaverse. The globe travelers who enjoy experiencing new cultures and scenery. The environmentalists who care about preserving our world that is being disturbed by global warming. Look no further.

How can an NFT cater to so many diverse and complex needs you might ask? A MetaJetz is an asset in the form of an NFT that will serve as a key to many travel incentives whilst also earning currency when rented in the metaverse. It is also a fully electric aircraft prototype which is an avenue to raise awareness against the fossil fuel emissions traditional aircrafts create and harm our airspace and environs. Steady donations from this project are made towards the research and development of real life electric aircrafts.

Owning a MetaJetz is having the best of both worlds, a stake in the web3 space and an appreciating asset in today's world that provides utility towards exclusive travel packages and so much more.

The Sparrow 977, Seahawk 677, Speed Demon 477 and Bold Mamba 177 are all aircrafts that holders will stand a chance of owning. Private hangars and custom cabin crews are the name of the game with our NFT’s. A first of its kind is this project.

MetaJetz Core Value

Just like any major airline operating in the transportation and hospitality business, our project is specifically tailored to serving our community first. With several months of conscious research, we are here to really bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world as simply as possible. Creating avenues for everyone to get involved with the Web3 revolution as it is fast rising. Cryptocurrency and smart contracts had a quite complicated introduction to many as it all seemed like educated gambling for many and a trend for a quick increase to most.

However, the phenomenon that is the metaverse, a world of virtual reality that will bring fantasies to life and make the most unlikely experiences a possibility is a revolution for us all. We at MetaJetz are rolling out collections of NFT’s that serve as assets in the metaverse with a wide range of utility and fiscal properties. MetaJetz is a movement with longevity not a trend for clout.

As frontrunners in our industry, we pay attention to detail and plan to leave our mark wherever our products are launched. This is why 1% of royalties from jet renting will be donated to charities located in cities a metjetz takes off and lands. This is one of our ways of giving back to the community.

Our planet is our home which we have to treat with care, all MetaJetz’s are fully electric aircrafts. We have decided to do this as a measure to bring awareness to fossil fuel pollution and its impact on our planet. Traditional aircrafts emit high levels of fossil fuel pollutants into the environment whilst consuming a lot of resources to run. Our MetaJetz founders are constantly donating to research development projects that will see the first fully electric running aircrafts by 2027.

A movement for longevity and not a trend for clout, Remember.

MetaJetz Features

Each MetaJetz is an intricate work of art, hand drawn with hollow and very aerodynamic designs. Vibrant color schemes all across the selections ensure that every buyer is able to satisfy their palette.

Also, not to forget our distinct logo’s that sit perfectly at the tail of the aircrafts. A zoomed in image of every MetaJetz tail possesses a unique barcode that will serve as authentication and access to private events and MetaJetz rewards.

MetaJetz caters to our community and is bringing luxury into the Web3 space. This is why every detail is critically analyzed. Owners will have the opportunity to customize the interior of their MetaJetz to their specific luxurious taste, this feature will be available after our first season.

Our base interior design consists of the finest porcelain Italian leather seats and benches, light granite finishes and counter tops with gold plated embellishments. Hand stitched headrests and a complimentary Hermes blanket for the comfort of our flyers.

Cabin crew personnel and uniforms will be airdropped to MetaJetz holders. This is as a subsequent package deal for our community members so be sure to keep a close eye on our discord.

Movement for longevity and not a trend for clout.

Utility - Scarcity & Value

The MetaJetz launch scheme is a straightforward process but it is also very important to understand how to go about it. What and how you mint could dictate your position in the virtual matrix and so it is important to go for gold while it is available. This project will sell out and it will only get more and more elite

4000 Light MetaJetz’s : The Sparrow 977’s

3400 Midsize MetaJetz’s : The Seahawk 677’s
2500 Heavy MetaJetz’s : The Speed Demon 477’s
99 Executive Meta Jetz : The Bold Mamba 177’s

Above is the MetaJetz’s roll out ranking in order of most exclusive to least exclusive. Our Executive MetaJetz holders are automatically enrolled into our elite program that sees to an upgraded MetaJetz package that will consist of access to airport lounges, luxury airbnb’s and private vacation stays, private island getaways and private jet trips in the future and on the company terms and conditions.

The 2nd Tier packages involve our intermediary Heavy and MidSize MetaJetz holders which will also have access to lounges but at select locations, gift cards and shopping vouchers, discounted vacation stays and airbnb’s and so much more! All as subsequent plans for our loyal and devout community members invested in the longevity of this project. Company Terms & Conditions apply.

Our 3rd Tier packages involve our final level Light MetaJetz holders who will have access to brochures and packages, periodical flight upgrades that could be as high as business class, restaurant and concierge discounts at select partner hotels and restaurants. All as subsequent plans in our roadmap for loyal and devout community members invested in the longevity of this project. Company Terms and Conditions apply.

MetaJetz packages are carefully catered to see that holders get significant value for their investments. Every single MetaJetz is eligible for our baseline utilities, such as exclusive access to our in person events and unrivalved access to our amazing community. You could also choose to be renting the aircrafts in the metaverse for crypto currency which can be traded in for monetary value. As always it is advised to hold because Remember? We are a movement with longevity and not a trend for clout.

Pre-Mint RoadMap

A project like our with so much buzz and excitement requires a lot of attention to detail with marketing and campaigns. Unsurprisingly, we are delving into an industry with short sighted goals and are devoted to making MetaJetz succeed long term. It starts with creating the best community and environment for our members and holders

We at MetaJetz can only change the narrative by leading through example, this is why we have involved members of the public in our marketing campaigns to ensure transparency. We have made elite member spots and whitelists positions available through workrate and not randomized systems.

Partnerships with major airline companies to push our narrative and incorporate fiscal benefits for our holders have been in the works and we are only ever expanding to increase our networks. Due to copyright and exclusivity reasons, we can not currently disclose our current partners but the unveiling will be very soon. Exciting benefits such as discounts on private jet charter rates and flight rates with well known airlines are in the works.
Be sure to updated on the discord server for more information.

Post-Mint RoadMap

Our community is here to thrive and for that to happen, we need to work together. We are simultaneously selling assets to the public and creating a network of individuals connected through a vision of excellency. All holders will be enrolled in our holders forum known as the Hangar where real life ideas and opportunities for lucrative benefits will be shared. An exclusive portion of our discord is organized to share essential information for a progressive community.

Private MetaJetz flights will also be made available shortly after the season 1 launch is complete to fly some of our elite holders and most charismatic and engaging holders to our project destinations to see some of the ongoing projects such as MetaJetz lounges, mobile hotels and Yacht docks.

We will be developing the 3D NFT capabilities in the metaverse, so you can take you jet around with you wherever you go. You will be able to rent out your jet to others in the metaverse to earn real life passive income.

MetaJetz is dedicated to the community that makes MetaJetz the very best, so we will be giving 1% of the proceeds to chartity to help fight aviation climate change as well as provide accessible travel for those in need.

A lot of exciting things to come, this project does not end with a mint. It is just starting and so this whitepaper will constantly be updated with new information.


The founders of MetaJetz are three extremely talented individuals who have put a team together that is set up to succeed. They are dedicated to the projects success and are fully doxxed to reflect their committment to FlyVersLabs and MetaJetz

Kearvyn Arne is an entrepreneur and is the CEO of FlyVerseLabs (the company putting on the MetaJetz project). He has started other successful companies before and is proud to be leading this project.

Next up we have Jack Dulsky, who is an extremely smart full stack developer and is handling everything technical with the project. He was educated at MIT, and has real world experience as a developer.

Finally we have Christian Perez. He graduated MIT alongside Jack. He brings an excellent expertise in Web3 and NFT, and is able to guide the project operationally and support it technically.

Mint Metajetz Sparrow 977 NFT


Whitelist mint price: 0.035 ETH

Public mint price: 0.07 ETH

How to Contact Us

If you have any questons, or need help please contact us. The best way to do so is message on the #help channel in our discord. Or to email info@metajetz.io